Ice Storm 2002

The last week of January 2002 gave the Kansas City area the worst ice storm it has seen in years--which was a sharp contrast to the very mild and dry winter we had had up to that point.  Literally inches of ice formed on streets, trees, and power lines as the result of several days' worth of freezing rain and sleet.  There were many broken trees and downed power lines.  Below are some pictures from that week.  (Our apologies if you have a slow internet connection.)

big_tree1.JPG (154255 bytes)

This is the big tree in our back yard.

big_tree2.JPG (183125 bytes)

Below is a close-up of some branches--they're totally encased in ice.

branches_1.JPG (143055 bytes)

Below is a small tree in our front yard.  Note that all that white stuff is ICE--not snow!

smalltree_1.JPG (107797 bytes)

smalltree_2.JPG (134479 bytes)

More close-ups to show how much the ice is built up.

branches_2.JPG (137938 bytes)

That's our grass below.

grass_1.JPG (114874 bytes)

Behold the leaning shrubbery!

shrubs2.JPG (139723 bytes)

The front side got more ice build-up, so it was heavier and caused the shrubs to lean away from the house.

shrubs1.JPG (133231 bytes)

Here's Mike's car from sitting outside during work.

icywolfy.JPG (99081 bytes)

icyfuba.JPG (72112 bytes)

The following pictures were taken at dawn the following morning.

backyard_dawn.JPG (90806 bytes)

goner.JPG (141952 bytes)

bird_dawn.JPG (88055 bytes)

tree_dawn.JPG (113866 bytes)

trees_dawn.JPG (119200 bytes)

moon_tree.JPG (114956 bytes)