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Pictures - July 7, 2006

Turbo removed for repairs.  (a.k.a. "The Plot Thickens")

ImagineAuto finally got around to digging into Dieter--they've been really back-logged, apparently.  At any rate, they finally removed the turbo today and had me take some pictures of it.  We made some very interesting discoveries that suggest that Turbonetics supplied us with a turbo with an exhaust flange threaded for 8mm bolts--or at the very least, not made to EIP's specs.

Oil spot left on their shop floor where my car was sitting.  All oil feed and return lines were still in place, so this is oil that dripped from the turbo housing:

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Oil leaking from the turbo was a pre-existing condition, discovered in March.  Here are some pics I took from the underside of the turbo before it was removed, showing the leaked oil collecting on the housing:

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Pictures showing the remainder of the threads on the flange (with primary focus on the hole that still has some workable threads):

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P1010031.JPG (58924 bytes) P1010033.JPG (43525 bytes)

Inserting one of the specified 3/8" bolts EIP supplied as far as it would go before the threads began binding up:

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Inserting one of the original 8mm bolts that ImagineAuto used to secure the downpipe to the turbo:

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I was holding the camera too close in that last one (should have had someone else holding it while I snapped the pic--I'll try to take better pics later), but I was actually suspending the entire turbo in mid-air by holding onto just that 8mm bolt screwed into the flange.  Not only does the bolt engage the threads, but it's secure enough to support the entire weight of the turbo.  If that hole in the flange was truly threaded for a 3/8" bolt, this 8mm bolt should have slid in and out of the hole without the threads even touching.

One of the bolts EIP installed in SoCal:

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Lateral play on the compressor side:

P1010013.JPG (53279 bytes) P1010015.JPG (53645 bytes) P1010017.JPG (40706 bytes) P1010018.JPG (44126 bytes)

Markings on the turbo:

P1010019.JPG (55751 bytes) P1010020.JPG (49858 bytes) P1010021.JPG (46646 bytes)

Oil build-up on the housing:

P1010024.JPG (59845 bytes)

Actually seeping from the bearing housing:

P1010025.JPG (63157 bytes) P1010026.JPG (56906 bytes) P1010027.JPG (57725 bytes)

Looks like this turbo was manufactured either on a Monday morning or Friday afternoon.  I plan to replace it with a new one altogether.

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