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Pictures - April 8, 2006

Trip to SoCal R32 GTG/Track day.

Meeting up with some of the Arizona R32 owners, to caravan to SoCal.

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(Couple shots of the scenery...)

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Meeting up with the rest of the Arizona R32 crew for the big caravan to SoCal.  We attracted the attention of this guy:

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Underneath that blue painter's tape is the famed white "Unicorn" R32:

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A little accidental sight-seeing along the way:

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Finally at the hotel in Hacienda Heights, and Dieter is filthy!   NASTY water spots!

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Obligatory post-washing pics:

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That's Boki's R32 in the background!

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A couple shots of the parking lot, revealing yummy R32 goodness all around:

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There are some mountains hiding in the haze in the background, I swear:

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