TVW Rally #3

July 27, 2002

It was a warm day, but not too warm for a TVW rally.  We met at the Harrison Visitor Center for a mini photo shoot, then had a fun drive to the park to grill some burgers and hot dogs.  Mmmm...foood....  After sitting around for a bit and chatting, eating, moving to stay in the shade, more chatting, etc., we packed our stuff up and went for a spirited drive.  That was a BLAST!  There were a couple of decreasing radius turns and super-fun twisty bits that made for a tire-squealing good time!  We should *definitely* take that route again for the next rally!

Okay, here are my pics from the Visitor's Center (click on the pic for a bigger version--full-size pics available upon request):

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I should've set the video camera up in Sonja before our final romp, but I didn't have enough time (Don and Sean were anxious to get going, I suppose).  ;)   At any rate, I'll know better next time.  However, I did have my trusty GPS going during the drive.  I hope to take some screen captures of the tracklog to show how fun the roads were and post 'em here...eventually.