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This page will serve as a regularly-updated history on my attempt to have my Scirocco's 5-speed transaxle converted into a 6-speed transaxle.

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Last update: August 14, 2005


My 1984 VW Scirocco Wolfsburg Edition came equipped with an 020 4k transaxle.  This is a "close ratio" gearbox, which allows for quick acceleration.  The downside to this great transaxle is that any cruising at highway speeds is done at a rather high RPM.

Most people with close ratio gearboxes swap out the fifth gear for a taller one.  This makes highway cruising much more comfortable, but can cause an awkward drop in RPMs shifting from 4th into 5th.

My solution: get a 6-speed conversion done on my 4k transaxle, keeping the stock 1st through 5th gears and employing a tall 6th gear for highway speeds.   What the heck--this is my project car, so it's cool to drop insane amounts of money into it, anyway.  Besides, the cool factor of having a 6-speed transaxle is just another bonus.  (I've even purchased a used Audi TT 6-speed shift knob to swap out the trashed stock shift knob with.)


V.L. Enterprises in Hillsboro, Oregon advertises their own Option-6 Speed kit.  This kit was designed by owner (and only employee as far as I know) Vince Locicero.  Basically, Vince *is* V.L. Enterprises.  He's the man doing the work, he's the man who answers the phone, he's the man responsible for how the business is run.

The Option-6 Speed may be purchased as a kit, for you to install yourself (or take to a trusted tranny shop).  Conversely, you can pay Vince for the labor to install the kit--as well as other services, such as rebuilding your transaxle while he's got it apart.

I thought I might as well let the man who knows the kit inside and out do all the work.  I also decided to let him rebuild my Scirocco's 4k transaxle and install a Quaife differential I bought through a group purchase.


03/30/03 - Many miles and the tranny is still working great.  It has loosened up nicely, and having the tall 6th gear makes highway cruising a joy. 

I have received numerous e-mails asking me where an Option-6 transmission/conversion can be purchased (hence this final update to this page).  It is my understanding that V.L. Enterprises no longer exists.  However, Vince has opened up a new internet-based business:   If you are interested in an Option-6 of your own, go to that web site and e-mail Vince.  The last time I e-mailed Vince, he was not actively making the Option-6 anymore, and was uncertain if he ever would again.  This is an awful shame, because Vince's kit was the most affordable one on the market (all others costing twice as much, if not more!).  Perhaps if he gets enough requests, he'll find a way to start making the Option-6 again.  Otherwise, your only hope is to find an already existing Option-6 tranny for sale used.

11/30/01 - I've put over 500 miles on the tranny with no problems to date.  My car will be in storage this winter, so I won't put many more miles on it until next spring.  So far, so good...  <knock on wood>

9/7/01 - I stopped by Autopia on my way out of town for a weekend road trip to look at my new Option-6 tranny.  It looks great!  Looks like Vince did an outstanding job rebuilding it.  The tranny casing has been re-painted black and the Option-6 end cone is a nice brushed aluminum color.  Can't wait to get it installed!

9/6/01 - IT'S HERE!  AT LAST!  Delivered at 1:19PM.  :D


Through an unfortunate chain of events, Vince screwed up about 6 orders, including mine.  He realizes that he screwed up, and he has apologized to me repeatedly.   He has expressed that he has no ill will against me or any of his other customers who got caught up in this, and he understands that we were just trying to do whatever we could to get our stuff back.  He says that his goal is to make sure he makes things right with us before he closes his doors.  I believe he was being honest with me when he told me all this.  I also think he's proving himself to be a responsible man for owning up to his mistakes and trying to correct them.

If you really want to convert your VW 020 transaxle to a 6-speed gearbox, the V.L. Enterprises Option-6 Speed kit is/was perhaps the least expensive way to go.  Vince has indicated that he may close V.L. Enterprises' doors once his remaining customers are taken care of.  I honestly hope he can hang in there, because I know there are a lot of VW enthusiasts out there who lust after having a 6-speed gearbox in their cars.  I may want another 6-speed some day in the future, as well, and I'd hate to think that the options to pursue that would be limited and overly expensive.

These are my opinions based upon my experience.  It is not my intent to slanderize Vince Locicero or V.L. Enterprises.  I'm merely documenting my experience and the conclusions I have drawn as a result. 

If would like to share your experiences with V.L. Enterprises (and/or Vince)--whether they're good or bad--then send me an e-mail and I'll post 'em here.  I'm all for giving the man a fair chance at representation.

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